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Related post: Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 18:08:30 -0700 (PDT) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: outrageous OCTOBER 02 (DEC LULLABY CONTINUES...)You know the drill: The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. preteen brest pics It is not top preteen candid meant to accurately reflect upon persons, of continents or islands, in preteen masturbation porn countries, counties, cities, towns, villages, neighborhoods, streets, cul-de-sacs, nor governmental or non-governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving preteen child toplist male-to-male relationships offends you, then why are you here? Seriously, if guy-to-guy sex stuff makes you barf or is going to screw up your mind, you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most states and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check little latina preteens with your local laws regarding such.% Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.%Outrageous OCTOBER 02 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%"Excuse me, guys?" Sebastien said, "I was wondering if I could be excused from work today on account of I talked preteen posted gallery Cody into taking a ride to Sandy Hook?"Jean-Claude, dressed in only his briefs and socks, Brendan with less on, tells Sebastien, "I think since I have many personal matters to take care of today, I won't cute naked preteens be heading into the office. Seb, do me a favor?""If I can," Sebastien replies, gazing not only at Jean-Claude."Phone Denny at the office, explain the situation and ask him to call my clients and reschedule preteen sweeties for the end of the week or next week?""Will do. Oh wait!""What?" Jean-Claude questions Sebastien's forgetfullness."Didn't Denny say something about taking preteen models japanese today underagepreteen off?"Jean-Claude's head drops back, like preteen lesbos a flexible hinge. "I'm losing it!"Brendan says, "Well I hope you get it back before tonight!"Sebastien giggles, telling Brendan, "You know you should try stand up comedy?"Coming back at his wisecrack with a vengeance, Jean-Claude says, "Trust innocent preteen top me Seb. Bren's much better at it kneeling!"Of course Jean-Claude wasn't talking family preteen porn about `comedy'! Then, reverting to a sincere disposition, told Sebastien the office would be closed and he would go in and make the phone calls himself."No problem," preteen amateur clips Sebastien replies. "I could still do it, if you have a spare key?"Rifling through his pants pocket, models videos preteen Jean-Claude finds his key ring, sliding the spare off and awarding it to Sebastien saying, "Don't lose it!""I won't. You can trust me," he said and preteen modeling russian left after asking, "Wish me luck at the beach!"After the door closed, Brendan asks, "What do you think he porno preteen model meant russia preteens nude by that?""Diggin for clams?"Next question of concern, Brendan makes mention, "You are very trusting of Seb, after knowing him for only a couple of days?"He really asked, because he wondered if Jean-Claude had the same feeling about Seb and he did, replying, preteen imageboard guestbook "I don't pre teen contortionist know what preteen clip pic it is, but `yes', I do trust spreading legs preteen Seb. One of the strengths of my nature I suppose."Brendan replies, "Yeah and I know what the `other one' is!"Joking, Jean-Claude says, "Are you always this horny all the time?""Only since I met you," Brendan says, reaching around Jean-Claude and unbuttoning the shirt he just buttoned down to almost the beltline."Mm-m-m. Are you trying image preteen taboo to spoil me again?" toplist preteen paysite Jean-Claude asks as Brendan rubs his hands over his scruffy pecs."Is it working?""Stoopid-ass question!" And after Brendan worked his hands lower, about to enter the `danger zone', Jean-Claude says, "But we really should video preteens porno get the boys going?""I'd rather get you going!" Right after he said it, Brendan preteen porn clip saw it Jean-Claude's way, detaching his hands.Finishing faster, Jean-Claude says, "I'll see how the boys are doing. Meet you downstairs.""Right-o!" Brendan replies.Stepping out of his room he literally ran into Sebastien, who hadn't a stitch of clothes on, but was preteen bikini wet kind enough to cup up his endowment in a hand."Sorry `bout that. By the way Jean-Claude, you wouldn't happen to have a small swimsuit available?"Deliberating quickly, Jean-Claude knew a speeo would fit Sebastien's hips, but wasn't sure on the measurements down preteen naked modles below. "I suppose I can dig something up. In fact, ask rossian preteen porn Brendan will you? I've got to get the boys moving.""Oh, they're in our room."Sure enough, when Jean-Claude entered the room, Kevin was looking for some clothes, pulling preteen dark pictures them out and putting them back into the bureau drawer. Emre already was half-dressed, Cody sitting in the side chair, more in a daze. Until Jean-Claude walks in, him saying, "Sebastien went looking for some swimwear.""I know. Brendan's helping him out.""Oops-who-o-oa!" Kevin calls out, tripping over part of the comforter, half lying on the floor. Landing right in front of emre, he comments, "Hmm, nice feet!""Kevin are you alright?" Jean-Claude asks."Yeah. Just great," he replies, getting up."Good. Get dressed. We're leaving in ten minutes.""Sebastien says we're dropping by the office," Cody says. "Maybe I should do some work."Dictating what he's already discussed with Sebastien, Jean-Claude replies, "You are going to the beach with Sebastien and that's an order, Cody!"Sensitive at a mature seduce preteen time like this, Cody was ready to bend at a miniscule order given and so he immediately changed his mind, "If you say so.""I say so." Then to the boys, "Five minutes downstairs?"Kevin answers, "Yes sir," saluting.In the hallway he again met Sebastien. little preteen hard He was walking towards him and with each preteen model angles hand twirling a red and blue speedo on with index fingers and without a third hand, he couldn't cover for himself. "Nice tennis balls!"Sebastien replies, "You'll think so having them bounce off your preteen thong forum ass!""Not this ass!" Jean-Claude replies.Then they went their separate ways. >From the beginning preteenn girls Sebastien had his suspicions about which position Jean-Claude and Brendan assumed behind closed doors. Now he fucked asian preteens was sure and free preteen thumb smiled, thinking of how many times Brendan stole a glance to below his belt!"Tariq, top preteen ilegal we ready?" Jean-Claude asks. He didn't see him reclining on the sofa, but knew somebody had to be watching `Queer As Folk'."I am!" Tariq pops up, all decked out in a suit."You look very nice."Tariq replies, "Kevin and me. We are preteen sex 16 the same size.""Oh, so that's Kevin's suit from last night, I take it?""Doesn't it fit me good?" Tariq seemed proud gallery preteen boys of dressing himself to the hilt."Very nice," Jean-Claude replies, noticing the two tiny nubs poking through the white dress shirt on Tariq's pecs."Someday I think I would like to go to a gym and get toned up," the eighteen year old says, making a show preteen lesbian videos of flexing his biceps."Let's get you enrolled at the college. They must have a gym model contest preteen there where you can work out?""Really? Cool!"It made Tariq even more excited about going to college, though he wasn't sure what his major would eventually come to be."Ready!" Kevin said, smoothing down his tee shirt over his pecs and abs. Then, to Tariq, "Hey, you look good in my suit. Keep it. Josh says he's taking Emre and me shopping. I can pick up another one."Right away, the name, `Josh', struck him with an ill-feeling. Thinking he better make up something fast, Jean-Claude says, "Oh, well.... I thought to celebrate you three registering for college, we would drive into Manhattan and do some high dutch preteen pics class 12 14yo preteen shopping of our own!""Really?" juicy nudist preteens Kevin said, all excited. "Cool with me!""Cool," Emre copied Kevin, but wasn't too convincing, having forced it black preteens nude out.Jean-Claude replies with a little smile.Tariq asks, "Can we go nice preteen to Abercrombie?""I thought it would be a good start," Jean-Claude replies.Kevin suggests, "Can we stop at Braddock's? I've never been in chubby preteens bbs there and I hear they have a lot of cool stuff!"It was a duel back and forth between Kevin and Tariq, as if the two were at war, naming men's clothing store names and preteen gays images labels, all the way out to the car, Jean-Claude agreeing until it wasn't necessary to do so. Instead he talked to Emre, who again harped on the thought of going shopping without a penny in his savings account.When Brendan finally showed up, the car had pulled away. He stood there scratching his head. Then, before he drew any conclusions, Jean-Claude pulls back up to the curb."I knew I forgot something!" he says to Brendan.%Meanwhile, Sebastien and Cody had left Jean-Claude's place and realized after locking the door, no wheels!"Usually I'm pretty sharp," Sebastien said, the twenty-one year old laughing off the fact they were car-less."Maybe we should call a taxi.""Got a better idea," Sebastien says, spotting a bike preteen seks rental place down the street.When they got there, they checked out the various brands, high end and nude odessa preteen low end, picking some mid-range Trek bikes.Sebastien stood there when the clerk gave the going price for rentals, reciting the fees for late returns.However, being the young kid liked the scantily clad pair, he knocked off the late fees. "Don't tell my uncle I'm doing this virgin preteen nudes for you.""We'll candid preteen photographs never tell," Sebastien replied, naming the name on the name badge, "Garritt," adding a smile.During their small preteen naughty fun talk, Sebastien being the main talker, revealed they were headed to Sandy Hook. By the end of the conversation, Garritt taking a liking to Sebastien, offers, "My uncle will be back in twenty minutes. If you guys can wait, I can drive you there?""Oh, were you brazilian preteen galleries headed to the beach today too?" Sebastien replies.Garritt turned a little red as he replied, "Not really."Wise to Garritt's thinking, Sebastien says, preteen fuck asian "I think you're cute too!""So, glamour preteen babes are you waiting?""I'd like to, but we have to stop at the office on the way to make some calls."Garritt, really wanting to spend some time with Sebastien, talked him into giving him the address and he would meet him there."He likes you," Cody said as they walked their bikes to the edge of the curb."Yeah," Sebastien replies, a big smile creasing his lips. Getting on their bikes, they ride away, Sebastien in the lead.%"I can't believe you forgot me!""Get over it Mary," Jean-Claude says to Brendan."Oh! I just remembered," Brendan recalls."What?""Right before I stepped out of the house, a `Taylor Ridgestone' called?""Taylor Ridgestone," Jean-Claude says, rolling his eyes. "I betcha I know what he's calling about.""Halloween party?" Brendan clues him in."Yep! Calls every year, asking me to go, saying it's going to be the best Halloween party ever!""And is it?""If you like teens preteens nudes `those' kind of parties," Jean-Claude replies with little inclination of wanting to go.Kevin pops up between the seat and says, "Taylor Ridgestone, isn't he a porn star?""Porn star?" naughty preteens models Brendan says, astounded. "You know preteen l a porn star?"Tariq's face turns up next to Kevin's, asking, "How do know a porn star J-C?""Two years into starting up the business, this kid walks in off the street at the soup kitchen. It was the winter season and I didn't have the heart to turn him out, when they announced beds were full. I took him and gave him a menial job at the business."Kevin remarks, "Just like pre teens sexis me!""Not quite," Jean-Claude replies, "I didn't have Taylor cleaning the toilets!" He waited for Kevin's reaction.He wasn't disappointed, Kevin saying, "Fuck you J-C!"They all laughed, Kevin getting even, "Did you have your way with Taylor, like you did with me?"Brendan jokes, "Jean-Claude? Really? Can't you pick on a guy your own age?""I'm going to pick on your ass if you don't shut up!" Jean-Claude replies.Brendan smiles, uttering nn emo preteen an almost silent, "Cool!""So what little preteen tahiland of this Taylor?" Kevin asks."Not much. He video preteen girl wanted to get into modeling and got hooked up with a porn studio and started making movies.""How come you didn't stop him from doing it and make him go to college like Emre, Tariq and xxx preteensex me?""Most likely because I wasn't as smart then and also, I didn't have the funds in my bank account I have now."Tariq asks, "Are you a millionaire, J-C?"Jean-Claude didn't answer, as Tariq was tugged back into the backseat, his older preteen free password brother giving him a tongue-lashing in their native tongue!Emre must've made a point, Tariq coming back lation preteen models between the seats and saying, "Sorry I asked if you were a millionaire, J-C."Kevin does say outright, "You kiddin'? J-C is loaded!"And they left it as such, Jean-Claude on a different wavelength, knowing Brendan was interpeting this panty models preteen as something more risque.%With no problem, Sebastien found Jean-Claude's appointment book on his desk, dialed every client for today and canceled, some making appointments for Thursday or Friday. He gallery little youngpornpreteen models preteen asian spoke clear and preteen latino bbs with efficiency, actually with some clients thinking he was Jean-Claude's new receptionist.Leaving the front desk, he found Cody in his office. Much to his surprise, he was busy working on a project."Ready preteen cock to go?""Aren't we waiting for Garritt?" Cody asks, preteen pink but doesn't look up from some specs he pondered over."Sure," Sebastien replies. "I hardcore preteen rapidshare forgot," even though he didn't. "So, what are you working on?""Jean-Claude entrusted me to design the new high school. I had originally mentioned the aspects of function and also building it with a more `green' aspect.""Green?" Sebastien questions Cody."Like index preteen handjob in darling models preteen `environmental green'?""Oh right," Sebastien replies. It did make him wonder, how Cody seemed to slip right back into his work, especially when he knew he and Jaime consulted each litlle naked preteens other on many a project. He didn't want to make Cody uncomfortable, but his curiosity won out, "You seem to fall right back into your normal self here at the office?"Cody put down his protractor and ruler, two instruments he used when not working at the computer. "Seb..I hope it's alright to call you Seb?""I leave preteens japan models it up to the individual. I like both, so Seb is okay Cody."Then Cody dove right preteens nudes clips in, "I think I communicated it to J-C that over the past few months Jaime and I were having problems. I'm not sure I told him I had kicked Jaime out once and was a fool to take him back, but did.""Did you love him?" Sebastien asked, not sure if he should, but did anyway."In the beginning I did. When we met in college we both were smitten by each other. We went everywhere together. We were real close and when we graduated, there was no question as to whether we were going to preteen model dasha live together. But then, after several months of working for J-C, things began to turn sour. From out of Jaime's past came Juan Velasquez, which eventually became the vehicle for throwing Jaime out. Oh, since I had some money, I signed the lease. preteens sex farm More or less he was living with me.""Oh, so you two didn't have mutual rights to the apartment?""I didn't make it seem that little melissa preteen way until he was unfaithful to me."Sebastien, wrapped up in his curious nature, asks, "Oh? How's that go?""Okay, so at the firm all of us knew Jaime was handling an account in Seattle and needed to travel out there. To make a long story short, he met up with Juan and they spent the whole time together, of course Jaime completing the work he set out to do.""Well how did you know Juan illeagle preteens was with him?""Quite by coincidence. A rival agency was working on another account ppreteen dreams in Seattle and they stayed at the same hotel. I had met Frank, the other architect, at incest preteen a bar in town and he asked if Jaime and I were still lovers."Sebastien little preteens viirgin says, "I think I can figure out the rest.""Seb, I was furious when I arrived at home. I think I wore preteen girl sexy out the carpet pacing the floor and when Jaimes came in it was the first thing I confronted him with. Unfortunately I allowed him to talk me out of my anger, with him saying it was an old friend from high school and they didn't sleep together, but met a few days for sight-seeing when Jaime had time philippine preteen girls out. I believed him.""But it wasn't the case?" Sebastien guessed, preteen porn boy being this is where Cody seemed to be leading him."He lied to me. I grew suspicious when I accidentally opened his email. I didn't mean to. Jaime and I were very specific when it came to each other's privacy. Anyway, there it hot preteen naturist was, an email from Juan. I should have closed it, because I didn't want to believe...""You opened the email?""I shouldn't have, but then I thought why delude myself?""You did the right thing, saving yourself from something like, future shock?""I can still picture the writing on the monitor. Juan wasn't too literate and even though he used his own shorthand, I could make it out enough, him telling Jaime he would meet him at the same hotel and then he elaborated on what had ensued the last time Jaime was in Seattle.""Oh, so Jaime was headed back pedofilia hot preteen to business in Seattle?" Sebastien asks."That's the thing! He wasn't, then suddenly he was and then it clicked in my mind Juan's email. It's all so crazy, Seb. I guess I'm upset because we had something beautiful going and then Juan had to come between us and screw it all up. Did I love Jaime?"There was gay preteen forum a moment of silence, Sebastien breaking it, "You don't have to continue."But Cody did anyway, saying, "I once loved Jaime, but too much `wrong' began to happen to us and... I began to hate what hussyfan preteen raygold he was doing to me. Am I making sense?""Very much so." Taking a deep breath, Sebastien says, "and I know you need some time to grieve, but what I suggest is make it brief. Not unclothed preteens every guy out there is like a `Jaime' or a `Juan' and someday, some time, you'll find Mr. Right again.""I wish I had your confidence, Seb.""It takes practice," Sebastien replies, then hearing a door slam, says, "That must be Garritt."And sure enough, they preteen forum cgiworld hear blazing through the building, "Hey guys! It's me! You ready to go?"Sebastien felt good, imaging Cody had some kind of positive reaction to seeing Garritt out of uniform, the Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned preteen youngest boys and the skimpy speedo barely clinging to his torso, sunglasses making him look like a cool dude and a Quiksilver hat, A&F treads on his feet."Either of you guys know how to surf?"Neither did, but Garritt had assured them, by the time the sun was setting they would have their go at it!%Copyright 2009 T. Chase McPhee`'December Lullaby - outrageous OCTOBER' may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent gratis preteens from the author.Feedback is welcomed. Include your age, height, build, `size', hair and eye color. Optional: Are u smooth or hairy? Where are u hairy? Bet you never thought of this one: What hair patterns do you have on preteen movie link your chest and stomach? Do you shave below the chin? Innie or outie? Make up your own question, then answer it! Make sure the name of the story, copied and pasted from this page, is in the subject line of your email or else it will be directed to hell before I get to open it! Email me for the links to additional stories I preteen porn mpeg have written at NiFTy. survivalgameyahoo.comThe more you stretch, the more you can fit in... 'spread' happiness! TCMcP..... preteen nonude bikini
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